A few days ago, I posted a short update on the plans we have to continue our journey! Lots have happened in the crypto space and in our project. But how to move forward? We have a plan of action we would like to explain in this news item:

We have a lot of strong ideas! Some were already thought of from the beginning but were on hold, some were newly thought of. All plans are there to build a strong foundation and trust in the community and new investors! Let’s begin with step one:

1. Complete overhaul of our front end.

Our current frontend is based on the old UI (design) of the old Pancakeswap. But the crypto space is moving fast, and we have to ride the wave. As of now, we are rebuilding the front end to match up with the current time we are in. Also, it’s very important for safety and future development to bring our front end up to date!

What will be updated:

1. The overall style of the front end will be matched with our current main website. We had a lot of positive messages about our main website and the style, so we like to integrate it into our front end.
2. The current frontend is old code, the overhaul means we revise the complete code and bring it up to date to the current standards!
3. Possibility to add new features. Several developers have worked on this frontend and made the code harder to work with, and we need to clean it up to make it easier to implement new features.

2. New MasterChef (which holds the farms and pools)

A MasterChef is responsible for the farms and the minting of the tokens to give rewards to investors. Our current MasterChef cannot communicate well enough with our Vault, which creates problems. Next to that, the MasterChef needs to be replaced for the plans we have for our continuation plan. We will discuss this later on in this article. We will migrate the LPs we currently have to the new MasterChef once the first few steps are made. And of course, we will keep you updated on the progress and when we migrate.

3. New Vault

With the new MasterChef, we also can implement a new vault. As you know, there is a bug in the Vault contract code, which creates problems in communicating with the MasterChef and not giving out enough rewards. We completely rebuild the Vault, and although we see Pancakeswap as a competitor, we still like their Vault structure, and we are using that as the basis for the new Vault. So In the near future, we have a fixed and flexible vault. For more info, we advise you to look into the Pancakeswap vault.

4. Bring back the AMM (full DEX)

Our biggest success in development and strongest point in the past was our AMM. Because of problems, we had to go back to basics. But it’s time to grow and bring back our AMM. Bigger, better, stronger, and more secure! Of course, we keep the same features:

– No fee on creating or unbinding LPs
– Earn on holding LPs (when unbinding you receive your rewards)
– Project owners can do the same by simply excluding their MasterChef from the fee.
– Project owners can use their own router.

More info about our AMM will come soon!

5. Introduce our Launchpad

While being in the crypto space for a long time now, we have seen several launchpads launched. They all have a few things in common:

– Expensive
– Not secure enough
– Claim to have no rug or honeypot tokens but still there is too much
– Inside knowledge, partner trading, and earning a lot of money out of investor’s pockets

We would like to be different:

– Affordable
– Save, we work with one audit partner who will check every listing before they go live. Is it a rug or honeypot? The project will not be listed. So for every project, there is a 24-hour waiting time before they get listed!
– We will act like a service provider, we only receive a portion of the BNB or BUSD from projects, not their tokens.

One of the biggest benefits of our Launchpad, we use our Liquidity pools for projects to use. That’s how we easily grow our AMM and fill it with liquidity!

Of course, we have a lot more coming, but these are the biggest changes!

We also have a few other options in mind:

– Lottery
– More Vaults
– Stablecoin
– Big giveaways!

And of course, I encourage you to give us your ideas, what do you think we should implement? If you have any great ideas, please share them with us!

Thanks for reading!

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