Q: Should I unstake my current farms and pools to enter the "$UFGRAIN" pool?

A: That is completely up to you, just please be aware of the 12% unstaking fee that comes with that decision. Also, grain will not be available to trade until 15 days after launch. But the APR for $UFGRAIN will be extremely high for the first day or so!!

Q: What's the difference between "farms" and the "pool?" And why would I choose one over the other?

A: The farms give you the opportunity to combine your existing blue chip tokens and $UFX to make an LP token for the corresponding farm. They tend to have higher APR’s and only grow or deplete at 50% of whatever $UFX is doing in the market. So if $UFX does a 10x pump, the value of your principle in your farm will only 5x (because half of that principle is another token). This also works the same way on the way down, works as a safety net of sorts. The pool is straight forward. You stake your $UFX, it grows at 100% of any pump, and depletes 100% of any dump. This is a great way to invest and earn passively in this project if you have bought the dip. But it is still good to have farms working away to supply more $UFX!

Q: Why do my harvestable earnings go to zero when I add more UFX/UFGRAIN to my pools / farms? Did I lose my earnings?

A: No you did not! When you add liquidity to a farm or pool and there is a balance to be harvested, your earnings will automatically be harvested and deposited into your wallet! You also do not pay a gas fee when doing this! 

Q: Why can't I see my GRAIN in my wallet after I harvest?

A: You need to make sure to add the token to your wallet by adding the contract under the “Add Token” section in MetaMask. Paste the contract in the appropriate box, click outside of the text box and the rest of the info needed will auto-populate! 

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