As you know, we receive a fee in UFX. This is for marketing, team payments, and development.
But as a team, we don’t want to affect the price by selling, so we came up with an idea.
What if our community could buy directly from us?

Then the Direct Exchange was born! You can go to Swap → Direct Exchange and buy directly from the team in BUSD.
This is a partially manual process. Technically, it was impossible to automate it entirely without an AMM.

So you can go to Direct Exchange, put in the BUSD you want to use, and send it to us.

These are the steps:

1. Go to Direct Exchange (you can find it in our Swap Menu)
2. Put in the desired BUSD you want to use (If you don’t have BUSD, we provided the link to Pancakeswap to buy BUSD right on your screen)
3. Check that you buy a minimum of 50 UFX
4. Check if there is enough released (we release a certain amount of UFX per week, as we grow, more will be available)
5. Confirm your transaction.

We receive all the transactions in a list, and we process them manually and send you your UFX. So keep in mind that you don’t receive your UFX right away! It can take up to 2 working days to receive it, but we do our best to do this multiple times a day!

The best part of this all:
IT IS FEE-FREE!!! Yes, you read that right! NO 5% TAX!!

Have fun!

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