As you all know, we had the pre-sale of UFX planned for the 12th of March.

Because of the plans we had for the NFTs, some difficulties on the security side of our contract, and because we want to have a little more time to promote the Pre-sale, we are postponing the Pre-sale.

New Pre-sale Date: March 19 2022 2pm EST


As an additional measure, we also have Coinlens doing a full security audit on our contracts before deployment. They will also be giving us pointers and suggestions on strengthening our security based on the contract code. This could take more time, however, we believe that security is important and that we should take the steps possible to protect the coin.


We aim to put the pre-sale up on Pinksale in 2 days, so we will have the Pre-sale link to share with everyone in every group and every channel in the world!

Special thanks to:

@CoinlensOfficial for believing in us and helping us out!

TCHO ( @CoachHarp Rob and @MadisonEirich ) for doing our PR and sticking by our cause and trusting us!

Pinksale is doing the KYC quick!

And @KwangwooAlex for being such a fantastic developer!

– The UFX Team

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