UFX NFTs are Live!

UFX NFTs provide a share in UFX and gives you an excellent passive revenue model. 20% of all the transaction fees go to a special NFT Holders wallet. This wallet then gets distributed to all NFT holders every 14 days.

The higher the rarity means more rewards from the NFT wallet.

We are releasing a maximum of 350 NFTs!

50% this week, 50% next week!

First NFTs are minted, in the next few hours we are minting more!

HURRY UP before they are gone!

Click below to hurry in!!! Don’t miss out!!!

🎁Buy an UFX NFT in the next 12 hours for an automatic whitelist spot! 🎁

Our UFX pre-sale is going LIVE tomorrow, March 19th, at 14:00 EST!


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