We rolled out our casino and started playing poker to have a new utility for UFX.
Although it sounds great and I (Patrick) really love poker and blackjack, we came across some issues which would cause problems in the future with our cause!

As you all know, UFX exists to make a change in the world. We are doing this by helping poor farmers out in the world. We are even on the verge of running a pilot program in Punjab, India, for students in a university to create a business plan and marketing plan. The students who complete these projects and stand out have a chance to be an ambassador for UFX. The ambassadors will work closely with UFX and the poor farmers to get the farmers to use our Agricultural Charity Ecosystem.

Now, the founder of the University (and a hospital there) made it happen with donations and the help of the local government in Punjab. A very noble cause! The founder has let us know that he wasn’t pleased to see us having a casino and playing poker.

While they try to help out in the world (and we do too), we provide a tool for people to gamble… Gambling is a big problem in many parts of the world, and come to think of it. It doesn’t fit our case too!

This is on us. We didn’t think this through from the beginning.
We have no choice but to close the Casino and stop playing poker in the name of UFX.

If you want to team up and play some poker, we won’t hold you back, of course, but UFX will not promote and deliver Poker or Casino services anymore.

The people who bought the Casino can get their UFX refunded, depending on their wins/losses. Contact @otto1372 for your refund.

Again, we don’t like to do this, but our cause is more important! Let us focus on getting UFX out in the world!

Viking out.

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