We know we are in a super bearish market right now. The market is bleeding like crazy!
Bitcoin dropped as low as $31k as we speak!

Nevertheless, we need to continue of course!

This is why we have a few upcoming updates:

1. Revamped website
As you can see in the sneak peek picture, we completely updated our website. This has a real Web3 look and feel! With this website, we are confident to attract more new investors than with our older website!

2. Vaults
We are about to release the Vault to the public! Initially, we wanted to do a Vault where you earn another token, but then we need a lot of liquidity behind, which the project at this point doesn’t have. So we went for a UFX auto-compound Vault. Our vault will give you higher returns than the Pool because of the beauty of Auto-Compounding!

3. CMC and CG
Man, it’s worth the wait, but damn, it takes super long for us to get listed! We talked to other projects, and they also face the same problem with CG and CMC! With so many tokens coming out each day, both parties have a hard time keeping up with the listings! So bear with us, and we are confident we will be listed soon!

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